Our rich natural hand-dyed indigo items come from selvage denim made by Kuroki, legendary Japanese Textile.

The traditional Japanese indigo and plant dyeing is done by hand, making the finished product slightly different in each case. Kuroki is located in the Bicho region, known for cotton weaving and indigo dyeing since the mid Edo period – that’s the 1700’s.

From Japan, IOU denim travels to Europe where it is sewn by hand by Manifatture di Padova, founded in 1982 and renown for its excellence around the world.

Mauricio Pastorello, founder of Manifatture di Padova and his colleagues have been instrumental in making The IOU Project a reality. They have substantially altered their processes to take into account the needs of IOU’s artisan-like approach.

IOU denim is then cared for by Martelli one of the most reputed names in washing laundries in the world. With over 50 years experience, the Martelli Lavorazione Tessile Group is famous for its creative ideas, research and development as well as its high eco-friendly standards.

We recycle even the left over pieces of lungi and use them to create special details in pockets, inside yoke and other essentials that make each denim article 100% unique.


Our dark indigo items come from Gap Guneydogu Tekstil,  a fully integrated producer of denim, located in Turkey and renown worldwide for its quality. Their innovative retina concept gives IOU denim a lasting color due to special treatment of the yarn and its use of recycled and organic denim.

From Turkey, IOU Denim travels to Italy where it is received and sewn by hand by System Service. Founded in 1998 by Elia Fabris, System Service is based in the Italian city of Castello Di Godego and takes pride in being an artisanal company and experts in assembling denim.

IOU denim is then cared for again by legendary Martelli, one of the most reputed names in eco-friendly washing laundries in the world!